Resources For Inspiration

Books on Leadership​:

First Things First ­
Land on Your Feet, Not on Your Face ­ Jim Hessler
Principle Centered Leadership ­
Provides a primer for leadership effectiveness consisting of a 12­plank development program
The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems ­
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Leadership Agility ­ Bill Joiner
Provides a model for both assessing and a development path to greater leadership agility
Leadership and Self­Deception: Getting Out of the Box ­ The Arbinger Institute Management
Management 3.0 ­ Jurgen Appelo:
Radical Management ­ Steve Denning
Turn This Ship Around ­ David Marquet

Books on System Thinking​:
Quality Software Management, Vol. 1: Systems Thinking ­ Gerald Weinberg
Quality Software Management, Vol. 3: Congruent Action ­ Gerald Weinberg

4 Qualities that make an Agile Leader ­ Will Yakowicz (Inc Magazine)
Agile Leadership Engagement Grid by Len Legestee
Agile Leadership for a New Generation ­ Slalom white paper 4/28/2014
Personal Agility Canvas ­ David Prior
Leadership in an Agile Environment ­ Patty Mandarino
Summary of Yahoo! Groups post on Agile Leadership by Ron Jeffries


How Great Leaders Serve Others David Marquet –

Greatness by ­ David Marquet

TED Talk ­ The Power of Vulnerability ­ Brene Brown

Slideshare ­ Lean & Agile Project Management and Its Leadership Implications by David Rico
Webinar ­ Agile Managers: Redefine your Role by William Rowden
Webinar Resource ­ Agile Manager’s Cheat Sheet by William Rowden
Raleigh Scrum Coaching Retreat, 2014 ­ Coaching “Up” to the C­Suite

All About Agile ­ Agile Leadership


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