Benefits Of An an Agile Mindset

ALT Benefits

How would a leader benefit from developing a more Agile mindset?

To the Leader:

  • Engage in strategic work vs. managing the details for staff
  • Worry less given the increased visibility/insight to problems earlier
  • Same person @ work as I am @ home
  • Increased throughput and quality
  • New capabilities: adaptability, self awareness, collaboration, resilience, flexibility

To the Customer:

  • The right product is the result vs. only getting what we conceived initially
  • Ability to provide early feedback

To the Employee:

  • Opportunities for increased autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Increased morale and engagement
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Time to innovate

To the Organization:

  • All participants can bring their full mental capacity to the problems at hand.
  • We become a destination employer
  • Broadened decision making

Managing Up:

  • Take “Good” risks
  • My boss is aware that people want to work with me
  • Customers ask for our team
  • I have increased time to support the priorities of my boss

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